Our vision is to enable children to grow up in an environment free from porn and give them the opportunity to develop their sexuality without being influenced by the porn industry.

Lotti Staedler Elmblad volontär bl.a. administration, Elsa Lantz medgrundare och verksamhetsledare, Harry Skärlund föreläsare & projektledare för Porrsnacket Live samt medlem i Porrfri Barndoms advisory board, Ebba Bjelke ungdomsföreläsare och Amanda Romell föreläsare & administration, volontär.
Abraham Engelmark


The idea to the children’s rights organisation Porn free Childhood started when one of the co-founders googled “porn” on an iPad at her child’s primary school and came straight into pornsites & movies such as “First time with daddy” and “Eighteen and abused”. It turned out that only about 50 % of Sweden’s schools and primary schools have porn filters and that the school’s curriculum regarding sex education does not include porn critical conversations. The autumn 2017 Elsa Lantz and Jenny Holmström founded Porn free Childhood. 


Elsa Lantz, the co-founder and head of operations, is responsible for the daily work including the organisation’s communication. Harry Skärlund is part of Porn free Childhood’s advisory board as well as the project leader of Porrsnacket Live (The Porn Chat Live), which includes Porn free Childhood’s lectures and workshops. Lecturing with Porrsnacket Live are also Ebba Bjelke, a strong voice in the youth organisation SNAF (the Sex education You Never Aquired), and Amanda Romell, public health scientist & school nurse. Finally, there is Lotti Steadler Elmbad who contributes voluntarily with tasks mainly related to administration. 


The work of this organisation is based on research, clinical experience and collected knowledge from scientists and experts. We cooperate with more than 60 experts within e.g. health care, education, digitalization and technology. Some of these experts are part of our advisory board. Together with our advisory board and experts from different professions, Porn Free Childhood constitutes a preventive force. Our focus areas are:

Acquiring knowledge from children

  • Conversations with children in order to understand what challenges they encounter and what they believe are adequate solutions 

Political influence

  • Increase politicians’ knowledge and awareness
  • Present propositions and models

Parental influence

  • Increase parents’ knowledge and awareness
  • Present reliable tools
  • Expert advices

Influencing the industry

  • Demanding telephone and network operators to take responsibility and offer porn filters  to all families and children without additional costs
  • Insisting all public wi-fi networks to be child-friendly, by having filters blocking out porn and violence, e.g. in restaurants, shopping malls and playground



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