1. Talk with your child

2. Porn filter

3. Come together with others


Explain what the Porn Chat is

Swedish research shows that 8 out of 10 children have watched porn. Approximately 90 % of porn is violent and porn is often the children’s primary sex education. Porn Free Childhood has created a platform for parents with information and simple actions where we can come together with other parents and reduce children’s exposure of porn among friends, in school and in the sports team. What do you think about doing this together? There are suggestions on how to have an age adapted conversation with your child, how to install porn filters and how to raise this question on e.g. parent-teacher meetings or with your child’s sport association.

Suggest The Porn Chat on the next parent-teacher meeting

  • Start with teaming up with one or a couple of the other parents before the meeting. In that way, you can make the suggestion together and have already started to process of involving more parents
  • Tell them about how you became aware of the problem, e.g. that you saw a post from Porn Free Childhood on social media

Great! By getting together with other adults you have increased the security for your children!

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